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Welcome to My OC Services - A competitive provider of payroll forms and small business benefit consulting in OC, CA!
When it comes to payroll processing, a slight error can be troublesome. At first glance, payroll processing may look easy but as other variables are included, the whole task can be overwhelming. If you're having troubles with payroll management, My OC Services will lend you a helping hand. We are not just a regular payroll service provider. Rather, we're committed to bringing you the best service through our professionalism, accuracy, speed, integrity, and five-star level customer support. 

Ever since 2000, we've been providing payroll management systems for all clients within Orange County. Whether you're a small business owner or self-employed, we can definitely provide solutions. Over the years, we mastered the trade of payroll processing, as well as other connected services. Aside from payroll, we can help you set up a health benefits processing system. We can act as your health benefits consultant and broker at the same time. One of our primary duties is to help you build a competitive package that offers the best coverage for all of your employees. Some of the policies that we can cover are medical, dental, life insurance, health savings, health reimbursement, flexible spending account, accident, hospital confinement, long-term care, and disability. Our benefits administration system is also popular because of diversified options. We won't just give you standard services, but we can also help in educating your employees about their full benefits.

With our help, you no longer have to worry about substandard payroll and benefits management. Contact My OC Services today and know your available options!
Did you know?
As an employer in the state of California, if you have 20 employees or more, you are required to have a COBRA Administration set up, whether taking care of it yourself in house or paying a company to handle it for you.

At this time we do not offer this service, but can recommend a few companies to you to help out, and if you utilize the My OC Services, Benefits Administration, we will work hand in hand with your provider to insure that your company is COBRA Compliant.