Benefits Administration
Have you ever paid for benefits after an employee left, because you forgot to cancel them?  
Here at My OC Services, when you combine our Payroll Service with our Benefits Administration, we can elevate that from happening. When you combine the two services, and notify us that a person is being terminated, we handle the benefit termination and will even contact your COBRA Administrator for you.  

​​Benefits Administration Services can include (any or some) of the following:

  • Educating your Employees on their Benefits Options
  • Group Meetings
  • One on One with employees
  • Getting Insurance Quotes
  • Analyzing your current plans
  • Implementing new plans
  • Helping set up your POP (125 Plan)
  • Help with Open Enrollment
  • Performing Open Enrollment
  • Coordinating New Benefits
  • Enrollment Communication and Education
  • Presentation of plan to your employees
  • On-going enrollment and eligibility administration
  • Carrier Invoice Auditing
  • 401k Reporting
  • Working with your carriers
By utilizing My OC Services you can save time and money.  Let us take this burden off your desk, and free you up for other things, like the day to day running of your company.